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We provide the following services:

• Rental of Air Compressors
• Overhaul Airend / Compressor air end overhaul

• Sales, repair, service and overhaul for Air Compressors
• Service, repair and overhaul for Ingersoll Rand, Kaeser and Atlas Copco Air

• Supply and install Air Compressor, Air Dryer, Air Receiver Tank and Air-flow Piping
  (Design of Compressed Air System)
• Supply OEM Compressor Spare-Parts and Oil Lubricants.
• Provide MOM Certification for Air Compressors and Receiver Tanks.
• Service and repair for Air Dryers
• Service and repair for Water Chillers
• Rewinding of damaged Compressor Motors

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Why you should engage Presair for your air compressor needs?

Presair is specialized in the Air Compressor and dryer system where its top quality services and fast response are well received and highly recommended by its customers. With over 20 years of experience, skills and knowledge as a one-stop Compressed Air Service Provider, we are the ideal choice for small and medium enterprises to MNC  for Compressed Air services.


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Air Compressor Installation Service

Qualified technicians and professionals are needed to ensure that your air compressor installation work perfectly well and not to have frequent breakdown. Presair offers our client the best values and services they can get in the air compressor service and repair industry. Presair have wide range of experience to support your company’s air system, with a vast knowledge of design, supply, installation, repair, and maintenance skills. This can help company save up huge cost over the years due to low frequency of breakdown.

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